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THREADed Molecular wIres as supramoLecularly engineered muLtifunctional materials

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Training Events :

A. Upcoming Training Appointments

B. Past Training Events

A. Upcoming training appointments:




B. Past Training Events:

  1. ESONS SPRING SCHOOL 2009 in Peniscola (15 speakers) (joint event of the two Marie Curie Research Training Networks "Nanomatch" and "Threadmill")

  2. SOLE SUMMER SCHOOL in Stresa (19 Speakers, 88 Partecipants)

  3. Symposium Q at EMRS 2008: Functional Supramolecular Architectures for Organic electronics and Nanotechnology

  4. Workshop on computer modelling of molecules led by David Beljonne, Jérôme Cornil, and Roberto Lazzaroni (University of Mons- Hinaut)

  5. Seminars and workshop on personal findings "Taking a new technology from lab to market", by Dr. Claudio Marinelli from Advance Nanotec Inc., Cambridge

  6. Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights led by Dr Luce Jacovella, European Office, UCL, London.