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THREADed Molecular wIres as supramoLecularly engineered muLtifunctional materials

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European Spring School 2009

"Supramolecular Organized Nanostructured Materials for Optoelectronic Applications"

The School has been organised as a joint event of the two Marie Curie Research Training Networks "Nanomatch" and "Threadmill", comprising 23 groups.



- Paolo Samori (Bologna): Surface Modification & Interfacing
- Nazario Martín (Madrid): Materials
- Roland Schmechel (Duisburg): Nanoparticles for Electronic Applications
- Bo Albinson (Göteborg): Photoinduced Charge Transfer
- Björn Lüssem (Dresden): Doping in organic semiconductors basics and applications in organic memories
- Olle Inganäs (Linköping): Organic Solar Cells - Geometry, - Morphology, Materials
- Christopf Waldauf (San Sebastian): Simulation of Solar Cells
- Gianluca Farinola (Bari): White Light OLEDs
- Paul Blom (Groningen): Charge Transport
- Alfred Meixner (Tübingen): Nanophotonics & Single Molecules
- Claudio Zannoni (Bologna): MM/MD Techniques for Supramolecular Assemblies
  1. INVITED SPEAKERS (Workshop ICMol workshop on Molecular Materials):
    - Begoña Milián Medina (Valencia)
    - Eugenio Coronado (Valencia)
    - Henk Bolink (Valencia)
    - Luis Serrano-Andrés (Valencia)
  2. ORGANIZERS: Begoña Milián Medina (Local Organizer); Johannes Gierschner, Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf, Franco Cacialli (Coordination)